Library’s Wi-Fi keeps video pro uploading with ease

Charles Egerton of Newport leads a pretty busy life. The freelance producer-director-writer-videographer-editor-photographer directs, writes, shoots and narrates commercials and documentaries and operates the camera for live stage events and sports webcasts, including the Cincinnati Reds scoreboard at Great American Ball Park.

Mr. Egerton is also a Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch regular, where he sometimes uploads his video productions. It’s an arrangement that works out so well that the 30-year professional recently tweeted his satisfaction.


“Just uploaded 6.8 GB of video in 30 mins. Would have taken 6 hrs or more at home. Thanks @campbellkylib #librariesROCK,”

Mr. Egerton, or @CharlesNKY on Twitter, stands by his tweet. It came when he was compiling 25-30 videos for families of high school athletes so they could have personal copies without having to go through YouTube. Not wanting to spend half the day at home on the task, he tried the Library and was done in a half-hour.

Mr. Egerton noted that while a local telecommunications company recently doubled its internet speed, “it still doesn’t match what goes on here. I’m a big fan of libraries,” he said. “It’s always nice to find something else there you didn’t know about.”

Mr. Egerton actually has cards for three other libraries along with CCPL. His busy schedule means he’s moving around a lot. He has used the Library for online classes and programs as well. “The one thing I don’t do is check out books,” he laughed.

The Library’s fast internet is available for all patrons. All Branches provide a free wireless hotspot in all public areas. Any wireless device with a web browser should be able to use it. In addition, each branch provides free access to computers with internet access. You must have a library card and PIN to log on and they are available on a first-come, first-served basis for as long as you need unless there’s a waiting list.

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