Print, Scan & Fax

Printed or photocopied black & white pages are $0.10 and color pages are $0.30.

Print from Phone, Tablet or Computer

Yprint-scan-fax-in-branchou can print directly from your home computer, smartphone or tablet and have your print job ready for you at the branch.

All you need to do is send an email titled “Print Job” to your branch.

When you arrive at the branch, head to the information services desk and tell them the email you sent your print job from. We will send your print job to the printer, then you’ll pay for it. Easy!

Scanning and Faxing

Each branch is equipped with BookScan Stations, which can scan documents and send them to a fax machine, an email address, Google Drive, USB flash drive or even a smartphone.

It’s $1 for the first fax page and $0.10 for every page after that. The other services are only $0.10 a page. Please note: this machine only accepts cash & coins.