Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Campbell County Public Library! Volunteers help the library provide superior services and connect our patrons to big ideas, wherever they are.

The library aims to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities that support various services, resources and activities. A robust volunteer program not only strengthens our connection to the larger community but creates advocates for the vital services the library provides.

How do I become a volunteer?

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Read on for the steps to take:

  • Fill out an online application form, which will be submitted to our volunteer coordinator and human resources coordinator.
  • Attend a volunteer orientation meeting. These meetings are held in January, May and September.
  • Complete a background check. (Adults only.)
Should You Volunteer at Campbell County Public Library?

The Campbell County Public Library is looking for dedicated, passionate volunteers who align with its mission to enhance lifelong learning by connecting patrons to popular materials, programs and services.

Are you the right match for volunteering at the library? Here’s a quick guide to find out.

  • You love the library and are aligned with its mission to enhance lifelong learning and literacy.
  • You’re looking for a longer-term volunteer opportunity, such as three months or more.
  • You’re 12 or older.
  • You believe that the library is for everyone in the community.
  • You are able to pass a background check. (Adults only.)
What are the goals of the program?
  • Offering the library’s patrons, the chance to participate in the library’s operations and contribute to its success by providing support to the library’s staff.
  • Encouraging support and awareness of the library by the community.
  • Expanding the library’s services by bringing the unique, specialized or enhanced skills of volunteers to the library’s program.
  • Giving volunteers the opportunity to expand their own skills.

View our volunteer policies.

What rights, benefits and privileges do volunteers enjoy?

Volunteers are treated with respect, fairness and dignity by all other library staff. Volunteers are given meaningful work and recognized for their valuable contributions. They also enjoy many of the same privileges as other library staff members, including:

  • Volunteers may use the staff lounges for breaks and lunches if scheduled to volunteer for four or more consecutive hours.
  • Volunteers who work regularly scheduled hours may request that circulating materials be held for them until they return to volunteer.
  • Volunteers are issued library cards.
  • The library will track volunteer hours and provide documentation, upon request.
  • Volunteers may be invited to attend some staff functions.
Frequently Asked Questions

Qualified family members of employees may volunteer for the library. Employees may not supervise family members as volunteers.

Volunteers who complete 20 hours of service for the library may request that staff write letters of recommendation for their employment both within the library and other organizations. Requests should be given in a reasonable timeframe to be completed.

Yes! Volunteer hours at the library are recognized by many service organizations upon request, the library will track volunteer hours and provide documentation for the time completed.

Age 12 or older. Volunteers under age 12 are permitted with constant adult supervision, which will not be provided by library staff. All volunteers under age 16 must submit a letter of permission from their legal guardian.

No, we are unable to accept volunteers that have been assigned court-ordered community service.

Check in with your local branch to learn more about current volunteer opportunities.


The Friends of the Campbell County Public Library

The Friends of the Campbell County Public Library is a nonprofit, equal-opportunity organization with 501c3 tax-exempt status. Friends of the Campbell County Public Library help by volunteering for a number of tasks, from hosting library events to assisting staff with special projects.

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