Library Express

Use a Library Express to pick up and return library materials in the cities of Newport, Silver Grove and Melbourne. There are three Library Express locations:

  • The firehouse in Silver Grove
  • St. Philip Parish Center in Melbourne
  • Northern Kentucky Scholar House in Newport


How to Use the Express

  1. Request items through the website or CCPL app and select Silver Grove or Melbourne as the pickup location. OR, call a branch and ask for items to be sent to Westside Express, Silver Grove or Melbourne.
  2. Once you are notified that your items are available for pickup, visit the pickup location that you selected.
  3. At the Library Express, scan your library card or enter the last five digits of the library card number that was used to place the request. Press firmly for each number entered.
  4. Press “#Ent.”
  5. One of the doors on the Library Express will open.
  6. Retrieve your items.
  7. Close the door.

How to Return Items

To return library materials, place the materials in the return bin at the Library Express or return them to a branch. Items checked out from any Campbell County Public Library location may be returned at Silver Grove or Melbourne.

Thank you

Special thanks to philanthropist Tom W. Jones for his generous donation of the Library Express locations in Campbell County.