Picture Paths

Walk, talk, read and play together with our Picture Paths in local parks!

Picture Paths

Picture Paths are displays installed on walking paths that feature a children’s story book, educational information and suggested activities to do while on your walk. They are meant to be interactive and enjoyed by children with their family and friends.

When you walk the path in one direction, you can read a picture book and do fun activities. An activity might involve hopping like a frog to the next sign, counting the number of flowers on a page or looking around your surroundings for something blue. The stories alternate each month. 

When you walk the path in the other direction, there is educational information about trees and animals that may live nearby. There are also additional activities when walking this direction.

AJ Jolly Park

Picture Paths will be available at AJ Jolly Park during spring, summer and fall months.

AJ Jolly Park
1501 Race Track Rd
Alexandria, KY 41001

Please Note: There is a fee to enter AJ Jolly Park. The fee is $9 per car.

Southgate Community Center Park

New this year is a path at Southgate Community Center Park. On one side, the display features In the Small, Small Pond by Denise Fleming, a story about all the creatures that live in a small pond.

Once you reach the end, look straight ahead—and maybe even stand on your tippy toes—to take in the park’s lake.

Now walk back the opposite way; the display’s flip side features facts about slithery, sometimes slimy, snakes! Don’t forget to take the midway dance break.