Library helps launch new business

William “Billy” Cole of Newport is a man with a plan — a plan he put in motion at the Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch.

William "Billy" Cole used the Carrico/Fort Thomas computers and printers, scanners and fax to help launch his business.

William “Billy” Cole used the Carrico/Fort Thomas computers and printers, scanners and fax to help launch his business.

“I always wanted to work for myself,” said Mr. Cole. “It’s something that’s been in me as long as I can remember.”

He has worked in a bank the past five years and before that at a restaurant. The bank provided him the financial know-how and the restaurant provided the inspiration.

“They had a cleaning company that came in every night to the restaurant. Not that they did a bad job, but we just wished they could do better,” Mr. Cole said. “That kind of planted the seed for me.”

The seed grew into his new company, Total Care Cleaning, and it took root at the Library’s computers.

“I didn’t have a computer at home,” said Mr. Cole, who is just recently married. “I could have done everything on my phone, but that just seemed tedious, especially when you’re going through government websites to get registered and get business
insurance, so I started coming here.”

Through his work at the bank, he got to know lots of business owners whom he emailed from the Library to set up lunches and meetings to get their advice. He also used Library facilities to scan documents. “I didn’t even know that was something the Library had,” he said.

Mr. Cole also expanded his role with a nonprofit called Mentoring Plus, becoming chair of its marketing committee. Again, he turned to the Library. “I became a regular,” he said. “I was always here, either for Mentoring Plus or Total Care Cleaning.”

Mr. Cole left the bank late last year and was eventually able to buy his own computer, but he’s still a Library regular. On a recent visit to Carrico/Fort Thomas, for example, he exchanged greetings with one of the other “regulars” — others who, like him, pursued their professional and personal goals at the Library.

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