Hear World Languages

Listen to children’s stories in five different languages, thanks to a partnership with NKU.

Northern Kentucky University’s Department of World Languages and Literatures helped us create videos of children’s stories being read in five different languages. Professors and students participated in the project, and we are extremely thankful for their help!


Speaker: Lin Sun – Adjunct Instructor



Speaker: Clare M. – Student


Speakers: Jordan D. & Kevin G. – Students


Speakers: Rachel J. & Ron B. – Students


Speakers: Aaron T. & Taylor S. – Students



Speaker: Nancy Jentsch – Senior Lecturer


Speaker: Elena H. – Student



Speaker: Bo-Kyung Kim Kirby – Adjunct Instructor




Speaker: Amanda R. – Student


Speaker: Iris C. – Student


Speaker: Shae T. – Student


Speaker: Beth C. – Student