Cam’s Scavenger Hunt

Participate in Cam’s Scavenger Hunt on the Beanstack app this October and November to explore Campbell County and win prizes!

Cam’s Scavenger Hunt

Prize Bag

Ready, set, GO! Cam has been exploring Campbell County and taking pictures of his favorite landmarks. To participate in the scavenger hunt this October and November, go to the Beanstack app, find the places that match Cam’s pictures and enter the street name to earn a virtual badge.

Collect 20 badges to win a prize bag, some with hidden gift cards inside, while supplies last.

Work with family and friends to solve the challenge. If you need a little help, a new hint will be released on Beanstack’s website page at 3 pm every Monday, with the last hint uploaded Nov. 23.

Visit the link below to sign up for Beanstack and get started.

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