Quintessential Summer Road Trip Movies

The so-called summer road trip movie speaks broadly to the season’s many associations: open-road freedom, dysfunctional family trips, the reckless abandon of youth.

But all you really need is heat, traveling companions and a final destination – anything from fan favorite flick Mad Max: Fury Road to childhood favorite A Goofy Movie applies.

Whether you’re gearing up to pull a Jack Kerouac and drive cross-country or looking for your next movie night pick, our staff has rounded up their favorite summer road trip movies.

Summer Road Trip Movies

Almost Famous

“It’s a classic movie about a 15-year-old kid with a passion for music who gets the dream of a lifetime writing for Rolling Stone about a new band. Set in the 1970s, it follows the band as they tour on the road.”

— Brittany Parr, children’s services programmer, Cold Spring Branch

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“It’s such a fun and sweet movie that I love to rewatch every now and then. And it stars Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, so what’s not to love?”

— Danielle Heiert, patron services assistant, Cold Spring Branch

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Tommy Boy

“It stars Chris Farley and David Spade as they go on a quest to save Tommy’s family auto parts business. Battling his stepmom’s desire to close the business and cash out on the benefits, Tommy does his best (sorta) but complete mayhem ensues.”

— Danielle Turner, adult/teen services programmer, Cold Spring Branch

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The Muppet Movie

“Kermit and Fozzie travel to Hollywood, crossing paths with all the classic Muppets from Miss Piggy to Gonzo; plus, Kermit has to outrun the evil Doc Hopper who wants Kermit to be the face of his French fried frog legs restaurant. It’s a silly musical that’s fun for everyone!”

— Emily Nestheide, library page, Cold Spring Branch

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Thelma and Louise

“The friendship between the two women is loving and inspiring, despite the tragic parts of the story. Plus, you get to see beautiful desert scenery.”

— Lisa Kuhn, patron services assistant, Newport Branch

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“In the mid-2000s zombies were an inescapable pop culture force. Lucky me, I grew up during the genre’s revived golden age. Horror-comedy Zombieland is my personal favorite. With performances by Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin (star of indie road trip staple, Little Miss Sunshine), it follows a group of strangers making their way across the wasteland. Fun! Also, there’s a Bill Murray cameo — need I say more?”

— Mackenzie Manley, public relations coordinator

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Summer School

“They don’t travel far mileage wise. They do travel far growth wise. Lots of field trips. And did I mention Mark Harmon?”

— Toni Reinke, library page, Newport Branch

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