Literacy Activities on the Go

Getting out of the house is a great opportunity to find new ways to show your child that language is all around us.

Whether you’re at the park or running errands with your little one, there are plenty of ways to add some literacy fun to your outing.

At the Store

When taking trips to the store, words are all around you – on your shopping list, on labels, on signs. Make your errands doubly effective by involving your child for some educational excitement. When walking down the aisles to find a specific item, talk to your child and ask them what they see or tell them what you’re looking for and ask them to help you find it. Describe what you’re looking for and ask them to look for it—“Look for a red box with a chicken on it” or “Can you find a bag with the letter Z on it”—to make your shopping trip a treat, not a chore.

At the Park

Natural places like the park or your favorite walking trail can connect you to Earth and to reading! Go on a hunt for materials outside that are interesting like cool rocks, sticks and leaves. After you’ve built up a fun collection, see if you and your child can arrange the items you’ve gathered to make different letters. Do you have three sticks? Try to make the letter F. Did you find a twig and a big round rock? See if your child can make the letter P. Take it a step further and try to gather enough material to spell out your child’s name!

At the Library

Of course, the library is a wonderful place for an outing and helping your young one learn. Take a trip to the library and look for new books to enjoy together or attend a program. We hope to see you at the library soon!

Early Literacy Week
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