Connect the Dots

The Connect the Dots video series teaches you how to address challenging behaviors of young children in four easy-to-remember steps.

The videos are brought to you by Jenn at EC Learn Northern Kentucky.

Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots provides a common language and a common approach to addressing challenging behaviors in a way that builds strong social and emotional skills in young children ages 2 to 5.

The four steps include:

  • Ensuring supportive environments
  • Encouraging positive behaviors
  • Emphasizing positive discipline
  • Embracing unique strengths.

Watch the video for each dot below.

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Supportive Environments

Am I acting out because I don’t feel safe in my surroundings? Do I have a sense of control?

Ensure supportive environments so the child feels safe, prepared and ready to succeed.

Positive Behaviors

Am I acting out because we haven’t spent quality time together? Am I seeking connection to adults or peers?

Encourage positive behaviors to help the child link positive behaviors to healthy relationships.

Positive Discipline

Am I acting out because I haven’t learned how to handle my feelings and needs? Have you taught me a better way?

Emphasize positive discipline by teaching appropriate behaviors to meet the child’s needs.

Unique Strengths

Am I acting out because I haven’t learned how to embrace and use my unique strengths?

Embrace unique strengths through nurturing individual differences and natural temperament.

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