Cold Spring Construction

Construction is currently underway at our Cold Spring Branch to reroute traffic flow in the parking lot and make some much needed entryway improvements.

“We have had quite a few near collisions over the years with cars coming in and out of the Cold Spring Branch’s parking lot,” said JC Morgan, director of the library. “Patrons asked for improvements to our parking lots during our long-range planning surveys and meetings in 2016. I’m thrilled we are able to start these construction projects.”

Significant improvements are being made to the entrance patio area of the building. This includes rebuilding sidewalks and eliminating curbs to make accessibility easier. The front parking lot improvements include new and improved lighting, as well as repaving and restriping.

The shrubs and trees to the west behind the building have been removed to make way for a new section of driveway that will allow vehicles to enter the parking lot as usual and leave through a new exit onto St. Michael Drive.

The library worked with the City of Cold Spring and the neighboring Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses to access the land adjacent to the library. This was necessary in order to build the new driveway and parking in the back of the building.

“These enhancements will greatly help people be able to park safely, improving visibility in the parking lot, and make the entrance to the building easier and more comfortable. All handicapped parking will be moved closer to the entrance and the new sidewalk without curbs will make walking much easier,” said Morgan.

Originally, the work to the front of the building and the improvements to the front parking lot would have occurred in August, after the busy Summer Reading period.

The board of trustees in its regular meeting on March 18 agreed that it was prudent to fast-track the construction work to minimize disruption to patrons while the library is closed. The construction management company, Graybach LLC, also wanted to move the timetable forward.

“Being able to do this work during our closure will alleviate some of the inconveniences patrons would have experienced when the front entrance would have been closed,” Morgan said.

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