Black Friday Survival Tips

Save some money (and your sanity) by checking out our Black Friday survival tips.

Tip 1: Strength in Numbers

Have a friend that loves a good deal as much as you do? Bring them along so you can divide and conquer. Have a spouse that refuses to step foot in the stores? Have them drop you off at the door, and they can enjoy some peace and quite (we recommend a good book) in the parking lot while you shop.

Tip 2: Patience in the Parking Lot

Trust us, we know. There is nothing more aggravating than trying to find a parking spot on the biggest shopping day of the year. Take a deep breath. Drive carefully in crowded parking lots.

Tip 3: Find a Babysitter

If possible, leave children at home. Black Friday shopping can be grueling. There is so much going on around you in the stores that it can be hard to keep an eye on children. Plus, you don’t want them to peek at any gifts that you may be buying for them!

Tip 4: Scope out Online Options

Want to know the ultimate Black Friday survival tip? Don’t go! Many stores have Black Friday sales online, so it is possible to receive the same deals without leaving your couch. When you factor in the time and gas spent out shopping, you may be willing to spend a few extra bucks online to avoid visiting the stores.

Tip 5: Embrace Returns

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation where we buy something simply because we are being told it is a “good deal.” However, do you really need that extra slow cooker, vacuum or stack of DVDs? Keep those receipts handy so you can make some quick returns.

Tip 6: Comfort is Key

Always put comfort first! Sweatpants, hoodies and tennis shoes are exactly what you need on Black Friday. Take a look at the forecast before heading out so you can dress appropriately.

Tip 7: Smart Snacking

Be sure to hydrate throughout the night. It can be easy to get swept up in the shopping and forget that you haven’t eaten anything recently. Try and pack some healthy snacks to avoid crashing from fatty and sugary foods.

Tip 8: Be Nice

Always remember to be nice, especially to store employees. Black Friday is stressful for everyone. People tend to take their holiday shopping very seriously, sometimes at the expense of employees. Give them a smile and thank them for working.



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