Girl on Fire

Cherie Dawn Haas of Campbell County is a writer, dancer and – a fire eater.  She is the author of “Girl on Fire,” a novel about a troubled, insecure girl who becomes a confident fire dancer.


1.)  What was the process like writing your book, “Girl on Fire?” How long did it take?

The firecreative process was my favorite part.  I spent a lot of time writing the first draft, but then I spent about two and a half years rewriting that draft.  I was able to get feedback from many people, and I was able to use that feedback to make improvements to the book.  In the end, it took three years to write and publish the book.


2.)  If people could walk away with one thing after reading “Girl on Fire,” what would it be?

I have had a lot of people tell me that they feel inspired after reading “Girl on Fire.” The book is a story about becoming comfortable with yourself and discovering who you are.


3.)  You mentioned that your family loves the Campbell County Public Library. Do you live in Campbell County? Which branch do you visit?

I have lived in Campbell County for nearly my whole life. My family typically visits the Cold Spring location. We also like to visit Newport for the book sales.

Author Cherie Dawn Haas – Image courtesy of David Scorcher/Cincinnati Metro Mix


4.)  What books inspired you to become a writer?

So many that it is hard to say. I love to read.  In regards to writing a book, I would have to say books on writing and creativity.  Reading books like that inspired me to keep going.


5.)  What would you say to someone that would like to write a book?

Do it.  Start now. There is great advice and resources out there.  Writing a book is a scary and big idea, but it is doable.  It just takes time, and you can’t give up on your idea.  If it is interesting to you, it is going to be interesting to someone else.