We Suggest: Our Favorite Seaside Flicks

Summer Reading is here! This year’s theme is Dive into Reading, so grab a book and a paddle. Trust us, the water’s fine.

Through July, patrons of all ages can track their reading for the chance to win prizes big and small throughout the summer. Register for Summer Reading at your favorite branch or online through our Beanstack app.

Between books, take a break from reading with these beachy staff-suggested movies. From rom-coms to thrillers, these water-adjacent films stick to the theme and make a splash.

Family Movies


“I love that Moana’s bravery and strength do not come at the expense of her intuition and kindness. She takes on the ocean, the bad guys and her family without ever losing her compassion.”  

– Amy Carroll, adult/teen programming coordinator 

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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

“It’s a perfect lighthearted movie for when you just need some Goofy Goober fun. It even has a robotic David Hasselhoff!”

– Danielle Heiert, adult/teen services programmer, Cold Spring Branch

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Dolphin Tale

“It’s a feel-good movie anyone can enjoy. It portrays a true story about the care and concern we should have for all creatures without being too sentimental.”

– Toni Reinke, library page, Newport Branch

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Holiday in the Sun 

“Starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, this nostalgic flick sees the twins on a trip to the Bahamas, where they accidentally get involved in solving a mystery.”

– Brittany Parr, children’s services programmer, Cold Spring Branch

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 

“It ​is a fun, adventurous movie about the half-human son of the Greek god Poseidon. This film shows the great lengths that friends will go to for each other.” 

– Andi Holt, outreach services assistant

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The Shape of Water

“An ethereal love story between an amphibian man captured for study and Elisa, a woman trapped in life by her inability to speak, is delicious to read and even better to view.”

– Chantelle M. Phillips, assistant director & branch manager, Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch

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Deep Blue Sea

“This follows a group of researchers in an underwater laboratory who have genetically altered the brains of sharks while trying to develop a potential cure for Alzheimer’s disease. However, their experiment has unintended consequences. Samuel L. Jackson also stars in it, so you know it’s a hit.”

– Molly Walker, children’s services librarian, Cold Spring Branch

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Summer Rental

“A true summer classic, this movie starring John Candy is a must-watch every year. Funny guy Candy tries to go on a relaxing family vacation but it turns out to be anything but.”

– Melissa Yankee, human resources manager

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Mamma Mia! 

“Set on a Grecian island and based on songs from disco-legends ABBA, Mamma Mia’s vibes are truly immaculate. The jukebox musical is a sun-dappled feast of power pop and rom-com antics. Starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard and more, it’s hard not to smile goofily as the cast dance and sing around the island about love, family, marriage and taking chances.”

– Mackenzie Manley, public relations coordinator

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