Staff Picks: Favorite Fictional Character

Do you need help picking your next book? We have some suggestions.

Eliot Rosewater – “God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater”

“Although he keeps himself busy as a philanthropist and volunteer firefighter, I’ve always thought this heart-of-gold character missed his calling as a librarian.”
– Mike Fair, Digital Inclusion Coordinator
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Traddles – “David Copperfield”


“Gentle, intelligent, patient and honest, Traddles is the light of humanity we dream of wrapped in a somewhat foolish and unremarkable package.”
– Diane Katz, Adult Outreach Librarian

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Gabriel Allon – “The English Assassin”

“I love the complexity and the unusual background of the Allon character, an art restorer and Israeli spy/agent, set in a fairly complex spy thriller.”
– Kiki Dreyer Burke, Public Relations Manager

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Boromir – “The Lord of the Rings”

Answer Show

– JC Morgan, Director

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Sebastian Michaelis – “Black Butler”

“Ciel Phantomhive is a 12-year-old boy in service to Queen Victoria by doing England’s darkest tasks. He is aided by Sebastian Michaelis, a soul-eating demon who has made a contract with Ciel, Sebastian’s servant, for Ciel’s soul.”
РCassie Fischer, Patron Services Assistant

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Fire – “Fire”
Elizabeth Woodville – “White Queen”

“Both are vivid, complex heroines whose books are bound to intrigue you.”
– Amy Carroll, Adult Teen Programmer (Cold Spring Branch)

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