Staff Picks: Favorite Children’s Books

Do you need help picking your next book? We have some suggestions.

Robert McCloskey – “Blueberries for Sal”

“I just bought my nephew this old children’s classic. Mom and little daughter Sal go berry picking and get mixed up with Mamma Bear and Little Bear, who are also gathering berries, to the surprise of all.”
– Diane Katz, adult outreach librarian
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R.L. Stine – “Goosebumps”

“I loved reading them when I was little. They are all enjoyable. You can’t beat the classics.”
– Andrew Moorhead, digital marketing coordinator
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Madeleine L’Engle – “A Wrinkle in Time”

“The message always rings true: Mindless conformity is a dark evil. I read L’Engle with a fervor in elementary school.”
– JC Morgan, director
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Janie Bynum – “Kiki’s Blankie”

“I used to give them out as baby shower gifts!”
– Kiki Dreyer Burke, PR manager
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Jon Klassen – “I Want My Hat Back”

“An adorable children’s book with a grim but hilarious ending for adults.”
– Cassie Fischer, information services assistant (Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch)
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