Our Favorite Nicholas Sparks Books

Celebrate Nicholas Sparks’ new release by diving into his older work.

Nicholas Sparks’ newest book, The Return, is coming out this week. To celebrate, we are looking back at his best-sellers and our staff’s favorite Nicholas Sparks releases.

Staff Picks

The Notebook

Whether you’re an avid romance reader or not, everyone knows this classic. As Nicholas Sparks’ first release, the story changed his life as well as thousands of readers. Dakota Guilkey, information services assistant at our Cold Spring Branch had this to say about the book: “My favorite by far is The Notebook. It was based on his ex-wife’s grandparents…not their story, just their passion. I think that makes it more real and more relatable.”

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The Wedding

Following up the classic Notebook┬ástory could not have been easy. But still, Sparks found inspiration for a sequel that could still be read on its own. Lisa Schierenbeck, our weekend courier, said, “My favorite is The Wedding. It helps if you have read The Notebook, but it’s not necessary. It’s beautiful to see how love continues to grow no matter what age you are.”

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Three Weeks With My Brother

Follow along on a special trip with Nicholas Sparks and his brother Micah. Danielle Bolton, patron services assistant at our Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch, said “Three Weeks With My Brother is really good! It’s a true story about Nicholas and his brother traveling.”

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Safe Haven

A story that takes on a hard topic and does it well is hard to find. Alex Eby, our digital marketing specialist said, “I saw the movie first and fell in love with the story and characters (it’s hard to find a movie that Julianne Hough doesn’t make amazing). The book was even better.”

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