Librarian Minecraft Video Series

Watch the Adult/Teen Services Department from our Cold Spring Branch learn how to play in the world of Minecraft.

Episode 1

Clara and Danielle begin their adventure in a new world of Minecraft on the library server. Watch as they try to survive the world and Danielle, new to Minecraft, learns how to play the game.

Watch Episode 1 here.


Episode 2

Clara and Danielle continue their adventure into Minecraft. Exploring near their base of operations leads to a situation of pure danger and lag during a thunderstorm. The Danielle lost counter begins: How often can a new player get lost? Let us find out!

Watch Episode 2 here.


Episode 3

Clara and Danielle do a little more exploring for sugar cane and work on building their own castle to live in for this season.

Watch Episode 3 here.


Episode 4

Clara and Danielle explore the Nether with special guest Richie, a library patron. Things get interesting as they realize just how dangerous the Nether is.

Watch Episode 4 here.


Episode 5

Clara, Danielle and Richie continue exploring (and dying) in the Nether as it fights back, refusing to show any Nether Fortresses.

Watch Episode 5 here.


Episode 6

Clara, Danielle and Richie hang out in the castle, go mining and explore the area around the castle. “Pro player” Richie faces off against Pillagers. Does he succeed in protecting the castle?

Watch Episode 6 here.


Episode 7

There is peace and quiet once more as Clara and Danielle try to explore with maps, finally taking baby steps in becoming pro Minecraft players. They find little mysteries and treasures left behind by unknown people.

Watch Episode 7 here.

Episode 8

Clara and Danielle keep trying to open up their map with exploring. How many times can Danielle get lost and distracted by pretty things in Minecraft?

Watch Episode 8 here.


Episode 9

Clara and Danielle finish off the map, but can they make it home safe before losing everything?

Watch Episode 9 here.


Episode 10

Clara and Danielle finally make it to the Nether again, but will they find a Nether Fortress before having to finish the first season of Librarian Minecraft?

Watch Episode 10 here.


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