30 Ways to Play

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - Saturday, December 8, 2018
All Day

Jim, Kiki and Andrew,

Below describes a system-wide, passive program for this November.

30 Ways to Play encourages parents to take the time to play with their kids by giving them the reasons play is good for them and their kiddos as well as providing lists of ideas of how to play with kids from 0 to 11 years old. We are dividing our lists of ideas in these three school related categories: Early Learners (Babies 0-12 months), Preschoolers (13 months to 5 years) and School-agers (Kindergarten to 5th grade).

Laura, Carol and I will have lists of ideas for 30 Ways to Play with each group by September 10. This program will not need a game board but will need to have the lists designed in a pleasing format for PR that is easy to use a checklist for the parents as they check off the 30 ways they play with their kids. The checklists will also need a place for the parents to enter their name and contact information to be able to enter the grand prize drawing. These lists can be set out in the children’s area of each branch, kept at our desks, and loaded onto our website. However, the form will need to be physically turned into a branch. Upon completion, each child in the family will be able to select one book as their completion prize.

The event will begin on November 1st and run until December 8. Grand Prize winners will be drawn on December 10th.  We will purchase four family Zoo memberships for the grand prize — one for each branch.

Laura will be writing an article for the November newsletter to explain the program. She should have this done by September 10th. The checklists and article will be emailed to Jim.

We will need signs to publicize the event at the desks and in our children’s areas. Plus numerous copies of the checklists of ideas for each age group. Do you think 50 per age group per branch would work? You could send us the .pdf to print more if needed.


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