Your Guide to Dungeons & Dragons at the Library

The library is home to several Dungeons & Dragons-related programs. Read on to learn more — and good luck rolling a nat 20.

What is Dungeons & Dragons?

We’re glad you asked! D&D is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson that was first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. Since 1997, the game has been published by Wizards of the Coast. D&D heavily relies on storytelling. Players can design their own characters and set off on fantastical adventures.

Of course, D&D isn’t the only tabletop roleplaying game out there. Similar systems include Call of Cthulhu, Coyote & Crow and Kids on Bikes, among dozens of others.

D&D at Our Branches

Cold Spring

Hang out at the Cold Spring Branch on the first Friday of every month to play D&D 5e. Experienced and new players alike are welcome! If you don’t know how to make a character, the library has pre-generated ones to use. You’re also welcome to make your own! At 6 pm, the group starts by making and leveling up characters. The actual game runs from 7-10 pm. Don’t forget to register!

Carrico/Fort Thomas

The Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch offers several tabletop roleplaying game programs. Keep an eye out for Dungeons & Dragons for Teens, which typically runs from 4:30-7 pm on the third Saturday of any given month. You can opt to play at a staff-run table or on your own with friends.

Learn more about the world of tabletop role-play gaming at Skill Check, another teen program. Held monthly on the last Tuesday at 4:30 pm, each meeting covers a different topic to help players hone their skills. No registration is required.

Children grades K-5 can get in on the fun, too with Magical Kitties Save the Day! In this beginner-friendly roleplaying game for all ages, players take on the role of a magical cat. Solve problems and save humans from terrible troubles! This program is held on the second Saturday of every month at 2 pm. (Teens can join the fun, too!)

Other Library Clubs

Along with D&D and book clubs, the library has plenty of month-to-month programs to join. Head to Newport every Thursday from 3-4:45 pm for Impromptu, a time for teens to kick back, play games, eat snacks and do pretty much whatever else they want to do (as long as it’s in line with library rules). The Newport Branch even has cool old-school arcade games to play!

Tweens (ages 8-14) can join CCPL Roblox Club, where they play different Roblox games every month on private VIP servers. If interested, the club is held at the Cold Spring Branch at 11 am on the third Saturday of the month. Bring your own tablet device or borrow one of the library’s laptops. Register.


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