DIY Tutorial: Painted Mugs for Teens

Make a mug that shows off your interests and style.

The tutorial was created by Sam Rouse, the Adult/Teen Services Programmer at our Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch. If you have any questions about the tutorial, please email her at

Supplies Needed

  • Ceramic mug
  • Paint
  • Paint brush

Step 1

Wipe the surface of the mug off with a clean towel and dry completely before beginning to paint. Decide on a design to create with the colors you’ve been given, and paint directly on the mug.

Step 2

Once you are done painting your mug, set your oven to 360 degrees and place the mug in the oven right away so that it can slowly warm up as the oven does. Adding the mug in a pre-heated oven may cause the mug to warm too quickly and shatter. Set a timer for 30 minutes.

Step 3

After 30 minutes, turn the oven off and allow the mug to cool while inside the oven. Removing it too quickly can also cause it to shatter.

The paint becomes permanent once heated, meaning your mug will be microwave, dishwasher and food safe. Do not scrub with abrasives.

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