Chantelle Phillips, Library Director

About the Director

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Chantelle Phillips became director in November of 2023. Her time at Campbell County Public Library precedes that appointment; since being hired in July of 2008, she has held multiple roles, first being manager of the Newport Branch. In 2012, she was promoted to assistant director, a role she steered while maintaining Newport Branch manager. In November of 2021, her management duties moved to the Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch and in 2023, she left Carrico/Fort Thomas to take the role of human resources while still acting as assistant director. 

Phillips worked in editing at F & W Publications before her career at CCPL. After leaving her editorial position, Phillips took her first job in the library world as an adult services programmer at Clermont County Public Library’s Felicity Branch. During her time at Clermont County Public Library, she gained experience managing multiple branches: Bethel, Felicity, and Williamsburg. 

Phillips holds a bachelor’s degree in professional communication from Xavier University and a master’s in library and information science from Kent State University.


Phone: 859-781-6166, ext. 180