Welcome to our Cold Spring Branch

You are now connected to the internet

The Library provides wireless access to the internet for the recreational and research needs of its patrons. Patrons must supply their own hardware in order to access the wireless network.


You can print directly from your smartphone or tablet and have your print job ready for you at the branch. All you need to do is send an email titled "Print Job" to your branch at csinfo@cc-pl.org.

When you are ready to pay, go to the information services desk and let them know the email you sent your job from.

Follow this link to learn more about our printing services.


The Library does not provide privacy for individual users. The sending of any information, including name, address and credit card numbers via the internet is at the sole risk of the user.

User Risks and Responsibilities

The internet offers unlimited global access to information. However, not all sources on the internet provide information that is accurate, current, legal or philosophically acceptable to all patrons. The Library is unable to monitor or control the content of the materials on the internet which change rapidly and unpredictably. Users of the internet are responsible for their own choices. Parents and guardians are responsible for the use of these resources by their own minor children.

Information downloaded from the internet may contain a virus. The Library is not responsible for damage to a patron computer nor for any loss of data, damage or liability that may occur from the use of the Library's wireless network.

Misuse of the network will result in loss of access. The Library reserves the right to end access at any time.