Staff Picks: Favorite Young Adult Book

Do you need help picking your next book? We have some suggestions.

Cassandra Clare – The Infernal Devices series (“Clockwork Angel,” “Clockwork Prince” and “Clockwork Princess”)

“This series, written after the Mortal Instruments series, is set as a prequel to those characters, and I think this series is better than the original books.”
– Kiki Dreyer Burke, Public Relations Manager
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Natalie Babbitt – “Tuck Everlasting”


“A classic book that explores immortality and its price. The book also contains one of my favorite quotes: ‘Don’t be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. You don’t have to live forever, you just have to live.'”
– Andrew Moorhead, Digital Marketing Coordinator
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Brittany Cavallaro – “A Study in Charlotte”

“This book is a great twist on the Sherlock Holmes stories we all know. It follows Sherlock and Watson’s great-great-great-grandchildren, Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson, as they join together to solve a murder on their college campus.”
– Nina Frondorf, Collection Services Assistant
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Christopher Paolini – “Eragon”

“I’m sometimes a sucker for fantasy, and Paolini (only 15 years old when he wrote this book) really astounded me with his writing skill. The movie was a bitter disappointment. The fact that he hasn’t written anything since this series is also disappointing, but I hear that he might be working on some science fiction now.”
– JC Morgan, Director
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Libba Bray – “A Great and Terrible Beauty”

“A blend of historical fiction and fantasy, ‘A Great and Terrible Beauty’ is a terrific opener for an intriguing and heart wrenching trilogy.”
– Amy Carroll, Adult Teen Services Programmer
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Jeff Hirsch – “The Eleventh Plague”
Sean Beaudoin – “You Killed Wesley Payne”

“At a time when dystopian books were a dime a dozen, Hirsch’s ‘Eleventh ¬†Plague’ was a rare novel that offered hope for life after civilization was ravaged.”
– Mike Fair, Digital Inclusion Coordinator
“A hilariously hard-boiled high school mystery.”
– Mike Fair, Digital Inclusion Coordinator
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