Fine Free

The Campbell County Public Library is permanently fine free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does fine free mean?
There are no overdue fines on books, magazines, movies, video games and other materials.

Does that mean you can keep items forever?
No, items still need to be returned so that everyone may enjoy them. Please return items on their due dates. Materials more than 60 days overdue will be considered lost and a replacement fee will be charged.

Why did you eliminate fines?
Fines often penalize already vulnerable individuals who can’t afford them – the very people who often need the library most. We want everyone to feel welcome in the library and be able to use our resources to unlock their full potential. Our role is to provide equal access to the programs, services and materials patrons need to pursue their goals without creating unnecessary financial barriers.

What are the benefits of going fine free?
Library systems that have eliminated overdue fines experienced positive results, including increases in circulation and the number of people using their library. Other benefits include improving patron relationships with the library; redirecting staff time toward patron-focused services rather than handling fines; students returning to use homework resources and increased library card registrations.

Will I have to wait longer for my holds?
Research indicates that fine-free libraries have not experienced an uptick in late returns; rather, they have seen declines. Wait times for materials have not increased. Our staff will continue to regularly watch hold lists and order additional copies of popular materials when necessary.

How can the library afford to do this?
While there was a small loss of revenue, fines were never supposed to be a major revenue source for the library. Fines were in place to encourage people to return items. We hope that people continue to return items in a timely manner without the penalty of a fine.

Paying fines was how I supported the library. Is there something else I can do?
We appreciate your support! You can directly support us by joining or donating to the Friends of the Campbell County Public Library.

I have a question that isn’t answered here.
Contact us with your message and we will do our best to help.