Zoom Program: Cup of Crime Book Club — “Banking on Trouble” by Kathi Reed

Wednesday, November 11, 2020
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Please join us virtually as we discuss the book Banking on Trouble by Kathi Reed. Ms. Reed is a local author from Cincinnati, Ohio. Please send your email address to       mgosney@cc-pl.org to attend this event.

Banking on Trouble.jpg“Annie Fillmore, a mortgage loan officer in a mortgage bank in Cincinnati improbably finds herself involved in yet another murder.
Her strange past – besides the ex-husband and being raised my two metaphysically-minded aunts – has found her embroiled in three previous murders while the owner of a video store.

She can’t take a back seat while her associate and good friend is suspected of murder. She can’t in any case because nobody will let her, not her suspect friend, not her best friend, Marilyn Monroe (nee Klotzman), and not the dead guy’s merry widow wife.

Annie agrees with the Detective in charge of the investigation that she should not, will not get involved in the investigation. That doesn’t work.

Nobody who has known the dead guy is surprised somebody did him in, but how did the corpse find itself in a locked glass office cube under a jumble of black balloons? And where is the now missing janitor on duty the night of the murder?

Annie’s methods of detecting aren’t exactly Sherlockian — more dumb luck and hunches. And as she eliminates the suspects that the Detective has on his list, she realizes nobody could have done it. But somebody did.” – https://www.kathi-reed.net/


Age Range:   Adult

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