Youtube Program: Family Board and Card Game Day

Sunday, September 20, 2020
1:00 pm

Learn how to play new and classic board games with Clara on Sunday, September 20th at 1 PM on the library Youtube channel: –

Games in the library collection will be chosen and highlighted with detailed instructions in how to play!

Re-Learn how to play games your know and love, and games that are now becoming classics to have on every home shelf!

We carry more than 300 board and cards games, so come and watch as we show you what the library has!


Game of the Month is Spirits of the Wild



Spirits of the Wild is a stone-taking game for two players ages 10+ and put out by Mattel Games. The object of the game is to earn the most points by collecting sets of colorful stones from a central bowl and giving them to the five animals on your score board.

On your turn, you use action cards to draw or add stones to the bowl, use powerful spirit abilities, or send Coyote to distract your opponent. Always the trickster, Coyote prevents your opponent from giving stones to an animal of your choice, which might be just what you need to take the lead.


Age Range:   All Ages

Snacks Provided:   Yes

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