Cup of Crime: ‘Kentucky Angel for Christmas’ by Maggie Gosney

Wednesday, December 11, 2024
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cup of Crime is a book club that meets once per month. For adults who love reading mysteries and spooky stuff!

This month’s book: Kentucky Angel for Christmas by Maggie Gosney!

This heartwarming story is the perfect read for Christmas, and was written by Maggie Gosney, the amazing woman who started the Cup of Crime book club!

Twenty-five-year-old Madison is nothing if not ambitious. She wants a high-profile career as an interior designer. She wants to get married and start a family. She tries to put her small-town ways behind her.

She and Chase Turner grew up together in the small town of Belmont, Kentucky. Chase’s family owns the Dough-Re-Mi Bakery. Madison thinks there’s more than friendship between them, but Chase wants to pursue his music career. Madison has to choose if she wants to stay a small-town girl, or leave her Appalachian heritage behind for a large, sophisticated city with new people and a new love.

Madison and her best friend from work, Liezel, decide to showcase their design talents by hosting a Christmas party at Madison’s family’s Victorian home featuring Madison’s mother Beth Ann’s angel figurine collection.

Madison’s faith is put to the test as she struggles with choosing the right career path and the right man for her future.” –

About the Author

You know her, you love her! 😊

Maggie Gosney, Campbell County’s resident celebrity, worked at the Cold Spring branch as a patron services assistant for 27 years. She retired in 2021, and has been extremely missed by both her former coworkers and patrons ever since.

Kentucky Angel for Christmas is her first book. It is set in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, Ohio. Maggie is a lifelong resident of Campbell County, and currently lives in Mentor, Kentucky with her cat, June Bug, and two dogs, Bailey and Bobbi.



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