Walk & Talk Book Club Survey

Our Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch is planning to create a Walk & Talk Book Club! The club will be open to any adult that would like to attend, including those that might be stay at home caregivers that would need to bring a child along in a stroller. As a way to understand community needs, we have created this survey to help us plan the book club.

What is a Walk & Talk Book Club?

This book club is a little different than normal book clubs. Instead of everyone reading the same book, the club will have a theme each month. Members can choose any book to read within that theme. The Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch will have a display and list of book options available each month to assist those that might need help choosing a book.

This also gives us a chance to have a more casual discussion as we walk or while we sit down at one of the shelters to talk at the beginning or end of our walk. We can share what each of us read, talk about how we all decided on a book for the theme, and maybe even walk away with a recommendation for a new book to read from our fellow members.

When & Where

The book club will meet at one of Fort Thomas’ lovely parks, like Tower Park, each month to enjoy a book discussion and walking for exercise or to enjoy nature.

It will run from April through September each year and will include a backup weather date if the weather is too hot or too rainy on the original meeting date.


We want your input! If you are interested, please help us decide what day of the week and time of day to host the book club. Also feel free to offer a theme suggestion for the book club to use one month.

Contact Info

If you would like to learn more about the Walk & Talk Book Club, please enter your contact information below.


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