Zoom Programs: Magic the Gathering at the Library

Friday, July 17, 2020
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Join others in a Zoom Program to try out your favorite deck, play virtually against each other  via Magic: The Gathering Arena and chat while we play to see who is the best!   Register now with your email, and Clara will send you a Zoom invite the day of the event.  If you have any questions, email Clara at cgerner@cc-pl.org

Be sure to register as spots are limited!


Magic the Gathering

Whether you’ve never played a trading card game before or your closet is filled with card games, Magic: The Gathering has something to offer you. Play online or in paper to experience the thrill of a wizards’ duel. Explore 25 years’ worth of stories, characters, and art. Make new friends at Magic events at your local game store. There are lots of ways to be a part of the Magic community, and we’re so happy to have you!


Age Range:   13+

Snacks Provided:   Yes

Cold Spring Branch

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