Sensory Night with Science in Play2Go

Saturday, November 12, 2022
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Our Cold Spring Branch is currently hosting an awesome exhibit from the Kentucky Science Center. The exhibit features giant blue building blocks, a make your own ball roller coaster, a giant light bright and more! We want all our patrons to enjoy the exhibit, including those who may have sensory regulation differences.



This program will be held after hours to decrease the traffic in the library. We will have quiet rooms available for those who need a break and additional sensory experiences set up in the library.


While it is recommended that you bring any noise cancelling headphones/ear buds/etc. with you, we will have a few available on a first come first, served basis.





For a social story on what our building and exhibit are like please click the link below.

Sensory Night

If there is any additional way we can help facilitate this experience, please feel free to call our accessibility line at 859-781-6166 ex. 8 to discuss details with Program Coordinator Amy Carroll.

Science in Play2Go

Science in Play2Go is a traveling exhibit from the Louisville-based Kentucky Science Center. The exhibit aims to help children build lifelong learning skills through the power of dramatic play. 

Play2Go is designed with elements of the Science Center’s permanent exhibit to allow families to experience its creative spirit. No road trip required! Patrons should come ready to have a whole lot of creative fun—all while strengthening science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) skills.

The free exhibit runs through Sunday, Nov. 27.

Stations include:

  • Blue Blocks: Build anything from a tower to a bridge or even a castle with large blue foam blocks. Children can build both realistic and fantastical structures with these materials.
  • Shapes & Stuff Store: This imaginary store engages children in dramatic play while learning about shapes, colors, patterns and more.
  • Build-Your-Own Rollercoaster: Explore physics and engineering using various shapes of differing sizes that can be made into various designs.
  • Ball Fall: Use a large Velcro wall and easy to manipulate chutes and tunnels to create pathways, falls and ramps for small colorful rubber balls. This station helps young children explore concepts such as cause and effect, patterns and prediction.
  • Light Bright: Make colorful patterns on a giant Light Brighta childhood favorite that includes colored pegs that light up when inserted into the board.

Science in Play2Go was created to reach audiences outside of the Kentucky Science Center’s flagship location. Families can experiment, innovate, engineer and play this fall during its stop at the Cold Spring Branch. Get ready to have fun with science!






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