Hoxworth Mobile Unit

Monday, August 10, 2020
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

In order to meet the needs of patients in our community, over 350 volunteer blood donors and 40 platelet donors are needed each day to provide an adequate blood supply. Approximately 37% of the adult population in this country is eligible to donate blood, but only 5% do. Please consider being a donor when the Hoxworth Mobile Unit visits your Newport Library. Participate in the blood drive and make a difference in the lives of patients in local hospitals. Each unit of blood donated can save up to three lives


How to Register

Go to the Hoxworth Online Scheduler for more information and to schedule a time slot for your donation:


Share Life, Give Blood!


What You Need to Know

All donors are currently required to wear a face mask while at the blood drive.

  • Please register with the information above and come at appointed times, we are taking walk-ins, but appointments are encouraged!
  • 16 year old donors (only) need a completed form from their parent or guardian. Staff will have copies.
  • All donors need an ID and should remember to eat well and drink lots of non-caffeinated beverages before their appointment.
  • If there are specific Donor Eligibility questions, donors can contact Donor Eligibility at 513-451-0910
  • Everyone will have their temperatures taken when they enter. Those with temps over 99.5 will not be admitted.
  • All staff will be gloved and masked and all donor areas, etc. are disinfected between donors.
  • We will provide drinks and snacks for all donors post donation.


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