City BBQ Food for Thought Series: The Colonization of Distance

Tuesday, February 21, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us at Cold Spring as Dr. Jonathan Reynolds returns for the 10th Annual City BBQ Food for Thought Lecture Series. Dr. Reynolds will discuss the period from roughly 1800 to the present, which has seen a host of technological transformations that have helped dramatically shrink the distance between different points on the planet.

This might mean you get across town in minutes, travel to visit relatives in Iowa in a few hours or cross the ocean in less than a day. But even as these technologies were shrinking distances, some humans were working to devise social and political systems, ranging from segregation to nations to imperialism to CREATE new forms of distance so as to regulate and control this newfound human mobility.  This is what he calls the “Colonization of Distance.”  The end result was that distance shrank dramatically for some people, while for others it became even more daunting than before.


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About the Presenter:

Dr. Reynolds has traveled to West Africa eleven times to conduct fieldwork in Nigeria, Niger, and Ghana. At NKU his teaching focuses on world history, with a special focus on Africa. Dr. Reynolds has received a variety of awards for his research and teaching at NKU, including the Outstanding Junior Faculty, Excellence in Sustained Research, Alumni Strongest Influence, Outstanding Adviser, and Milburn Outstanding Professor awards.

Dr. Reynolds’s publications include works on Islam and Politics in West Africa, Africa’s place in world history, and wider works on world history, 20th-century history, and food history.

If you are curious about any of the subjects Dr. Reynolds teaches, he encourages you to sign up for one of his classes. If you aren’t a student, you’re welcome to sit in at any time. If you have a workplace, school, place of worship, or organization where you would like to have him speak, just send an email.

Dr. Reynolds serves as the current Vice President (President-Elect) for the World History Association; his terms of office will run from 2020-2022 (VP) and 2022-2024 (President).


For those that can’t attend in-person:

The talk will be filmed by Campbell Media and air the following week on Sunday and Wednesday at 4:30 PM on CCMC (Cincinnati Bell Ch. 810 and Spectrum Ch. 202). It is also available on the Campbell Media Website or the Campbell Media App on Apple TV and Roku.

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