Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should libraries conduct a Drop Your Drawers campaign?

A: Because there is a need. Drop Your Drawers is an opportunity to enlighten the public on the issues and stigmas for children in relation to having clean underwear that fits. No child should suffer discomfort or embarrassment from a lack of clean underwear. It’s a distraction that should be eliminated from any child’s life.

Q: Why should libraries be the entities to conduct Drop Your Drawers campaigns?

A: Schools and libraries are natural partners in educating children, but those partnerships can be difficult to form and maintain. Drop Your Drawers can create inroads for libraries to become partners in other ways with schools. The opportunity to visit classrooms, partner in grant seeking and assist with after-school activities has blossomed for our library as a result of the campaign.

Q: How would this help our library?

A: Libraries need to be recognized by their community as partners in education. We are a vital part of the community and contribute to the betterment of our communities in measurable ways. Drop Your Drawers receives support from individuals and organizations throughout our area and has helped our library be recognized and accepted as a significant community asset.

Q: Why underwear?

A: Clean underwear that fits is a problem for many students in schools. There are many reasons for this, including accidents in schools, medical issues, transient/homeless issues and financial issues. The challenges of providing services to these at-risk populations in schools is compounded by decreased budgets and an increase in numbers of children needing services. Drop Your Drawers is a way to directly help local children and schools.

Q: Have there been any issues with the name Drop Your Drawers?

A: In field-testing the Drop Your Drawers name, people responded with amusement to the clever name. Since 2015, the Campbell County Public Library has logged only two complaints about the name.

Q: Do we need to report our donation numbers to anyone?

A: No, but we would love to hear that you are starting a program or answer any questions that you might have. Please contact our director at