Food for Thought

City Barbeque of Highland Heights presents Food for Thought, a history series that stimulates your senses.

Enjoy engaging conversations led by Northern Kentucky University history professors and lecturers. All five talks take place on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. For those unable to attend, lectures will be recorded by Campbell Media and air on their website, app and TV the following Sunday and Wednesday. Check local listings for exact times.

Registration required. Sandwiches from City Barbeque will be provided. Please contact Clara Gerner at with any questions.

Registration opens two months prior to each program. 

2022 Food for Thought Lineup

Shaker Wintertime Heritage

6:30 pm Tuesday, Jan. 25

Speaker: Dr. Carol Medlicott, associate professor in NKU’s Department of History and Geography

Learn about local Shakers with Dr. Carol Medlictot. When we think of the Shakers, we often think of living trees, garden seeds, herbs and harvest bounty. But Shaker societies in the “Western” states of Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana had significant associations with the winter season too. This presentation by Dr. Medlicott, a scholar of the Shakers, highlights some of the memories and events from the Shakers’ winter experiences.



The Medici Family and the Birth of Renaissance Florence

6:30 pm Tuesday, Feb. 22

Speaker: Dr. Willian Landon, professor in NKU’s Department of History and Geography

Aided by newly-acquired banking wealth and uncanny political skills, the Medici Family became the masters of Florence and the chief patrons of its newly emerged Renaissance culture in the late 14th and early 15th centuries. But the Medici’s rise to power came at a cost to Florentine citizens: they were forced to exchange their traditional Republican liberties for Medici tyranny.



You Can Tell Just by a Look

6:30 pm Tuesday, March 22

Speaker: Dr. Brian Hackett, associate professor in NKU’s Department of History and Geography

Everyone has old family photographs somewhere in an album, on slides, or on their computer, but sometimes we forget who is who or how old the picture is. Join Dr. Brian Hackett as he returns with a talk about telling the difference between types of photographs and how to use context clues to date the pictures.



Scarlett & Julie: Mythic Portrayals of Southern Women in the Golden Age of Hollywood

6:30 pm Tuesday, April 19

Speaker: Dr. Andrea Watkins, associate professor in NKU’s Department of History and Geography

In this lecture, Dr. Andrea Watkins will use short clips and images from film classics like Gone with the Wind and Jezebel to explore the truths and myths perpetuated by Hollywood regarding the lives of women in the antebellum South.



The Underground Railroad and Setting in Motion the Early Civil Rights Movement in Northern Kentucky and the Nation

6:30 pm Tuesday, May 24

Speaker: Dr. Eric Jackson, professor in NKU’s Department of History and Geography

Dr. Eric Jackson will explore the facts surrounding how legend, mythology and invention affected enslavement and the Underground Railroad in Northern Kentucky and the surrounding regions.

This presentation will reveal how NKY’s Underground Railroad activities rested on and highlighted several key issues, ideas and the philosophical framework that set the foundation for the nation’s early Civil Rights movement.



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