Your library’s mission

In 2012, our board approved mission and vision statements. These statements serve as guideposts in our quest to provide you the best possible library services.

We love being your library. Thank you for allowing us to serve this community.

Campbell County Public Library enhances lifelong learning by providing popular materials, programs, and services to our community.


Connecting you to big ideas wherever you are!

Long Range Plans

The Library began work on a new Long-Range Plan in the fall of 2015 with Community Input Sessions and an online survey. Once that plan is decided on, we will post it here.

We use the planning process to anticipate what can be done to improve our organization and to evaluate the effectiveness of changes in the past.

In May of 2014, the library’s board approved a new long-range plan for the library.
You can our current plan here.

Previous Long Range Plans:

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