Teen lock-in confidential

Cold Spring Branch regulars Naomee McKiddy and Simon Brochert were at last year’s Teen Summer Lock-In. They are both planning to return for this year’s, 7 pm Friday, June 17 to 7 am Saturday, June 18. They agreed to spill the beans with an account of last year’s lock-in goings-on.

“I remember being nervous about being away from my family so long just to play video games and hang out with friends, but as soon as I got there I realized I felt right at home,” Simon told “Connections.” “Many of my friends from the library were there and we started right away with our gaming for the night and the rest is history.”

“I thought I’d be exhausted, but playing games and having fun with my friends was enough to keep me awake the whole night,” Naomee revealed. “That and maybe the soft drinks. It’s like an extended game night. Since we have longer than the usual three hours, we can play games that take a bit more time like Dungeons & Dragons. Board and card games like
Werewolf are my favorites.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever slept at one of them,” Simon confessed. “Because there’s so much to do, whether it be talking to your friends, playing board and video games, or just goofing off while having free roam over the library, there’s just something special about the lock-in that makes me excited every June when it comes around and makes me count down the days until it starts.”

Other sources indicated plenty of contests, prizes and a rousing game of modified bowling using a big, blue rubber ball and cardboard boxes for pins. Later, kids sat in the boxes.

Also, reports of rampant pizza, cookie & veggie consumption have been confirmed. Sleep? Not so much. In other words, good, clean, silly (and, yes, chaperoned) fun.

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