Ready for K Through Play

Help your little ones prepare for kindergarten by attending our weekly Ready for K Through Play story time at our Newport Branch.

Ready for K Through Play is every Monday at our Newport Branch. The story time begins at 10 am.

We sat down with Nina Frondorf, the children’s services librarian at our Newport Branch, to discuss Ready for K Through Play.

1.) Who should attend Ready for K Through Play?

This program is designed for preschool-aged children to help them practice skills and socialize with other children as they move towards kindergarten. The age range is officially 3-5. However, younger kids and siblings are welcome.

Graduation – Spring 2018 | Photo by Sheila M.

2.) What can attendees expect to see at a Ready for K Through Play program?

We will read a book, sing songs and do an activity or craft related to that week’s theme. There is also typically open play time at both the beginning and end of the program to allow the children to play, make friends and practice important social skills through their interactions.

3.) How does Ready for K Through Play differ from our other story time programs?

The primary difference between this program and our other story times is the planned themes. We still have themes during many of our other story times, but the themes are usually more general. This program is planned each week with the intention to focus on building a specific skill that will help with preparing children for the classroom.

4.) How will each week differ?

We change the theme each week to highlight different skills that children need to develop to prepare for starting school. These can range from math and letters to social skills and following directions. The topics for each week are pulled from several sources, including the “I Can” statements recommended by Campbell County Schools as markers of kindergarten readiness (

Graduation – Spring 2018 | Photo by Sarah A.

5.) Do you have to attend each week’s program?

Nope! Come as you can. The weeks focus on different topics, but they do not build on one another. Feel free to pick and choose weeks. Don’t be afraid to start if you are worried about missing a week.

6.) What happens during the last week in April?

The final week of Ready for K Through Play is always one of my favorites! We have a graduation ceremony to celebrate the accomplishments that the kiddos have made throughout the cycle. I provide a diploma and a “class ring” (in the form of a ring pop). I also encourage the children to pick out their favorite outfits if they would like to dress up for the occasion. We have a photo backdrop prepared so families can take photos to commemorate the big day!

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