Mango Languages Review

Read staff member Andrew Nalley’s review of our online language learning resource, Mango Languages.

Mango Languages

Mango Languages is a website and app that allows you to learn practical conversation skills for over 70 languages spoken around the world on your computer or mobile device. Mango Languages includes self-guided courses that go beyond grammar and vocabulary, introducing language learners to a whole new world.

Mango also includes English classes specifically developed for speakers of other languages.

Staff Review

Andrew Nalley, a patron services assistant at our Newport Branch, is an avid language learner and has used other popular language learning resources before.

“On the whole, I appreciated the more personal approach of Mango Languages, and I liked that the spoken audio was crystal clear, which is a big plus for me. I say a more personal approach because there’s a virtual teacher that goes through the lesson with you and tells you what a great job you’re doing. Who doesn’t like positive affirmation,” Nalley said.

Mango Languages is a very low-stress alternative to other popular systems. It operates on the belief that users want to learn, not that they have to. Mango Languages allows you to move forward when you feel ready, not after you pass a test like a lot of other language learning systems.

“It slowly builds understanding of a phrase – first by defining individual words, then stringing them together, and then the whole sentence,” said Nalley. “Since Mango Languages has such a narrow focus for each lesson, it can spend more time on repetition.”

Already have some experience with a language? Mango Languages will allow you to skip ahead to more advanced lessons.

“I already have a decent grasp of German (not fluent though), so the first lessons were too easy for my level. However, I believe a beginner would have plenty to work with without feeling overwhelmed. It also gives you the option to skip ahead if you would like, or you can take a placement test if you have prior experience,” said Nalley.

How to Access

Mango Languages is available online or as an app through the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

A valid Campbell County Public Library card is required to enroll in Mango Languages. If you live in Campbell County but do not have a library card with us, you may apply online for a digital library card.

Visit the Mango Languages website to get started. The first time you visit, you’ll be prompted to create a free account.


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