KY author’s book named Gov.’s favorite


Gov. Matt Bevin

New Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has selected a Kentucky author’s forgotten children’s book as his all-time favorite.

Gov. Bevin selected “The Blue Plaid Riders, or the Candy Shop Kidnapping” by Kentucky author Clay Lancaster for his READ poster.

“Clay Lancaster is a nearly forgotten Kentucky gem. I chose one of the many children’s books that he wrote and illustrated to remind Kentuckians of his literary contributions,” said Gov. Bevin.

Lancaster is known in Kentucky primarily for his architectural history. He also published several children’s books, all featuring his own illustrations. But Lancaster’s book was out of print and unavailable from any vendors who sell books to libraries.

So the public librarians of Kentucky, ever the information seekers, discovered that the original publisher still had copies on hand and available. Thanks to this diligence, Campbell County Public Library has three copies of available to borrow.

Gov. Bevin said, “I encourage parents to visit their public library and check out this book. Take it home and read it out loud with your family. You will be glad you did.”

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