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Minecraft Club welcomes Twitch sensation

A special treat awaits teens and tweens at Minecraft Club, 5 pm Feb. 8 at Cold Spring; online star Darkosto live via Twitch stream!

Darkosto, known for his Minecraft Modpack Journey to the Core, will talk about making YouTube videos and coding the game packs he created.

Darkosto has almost 30 videos on his YouTube channel, most being how-to guides for mods and his own Modpacks. Most of his content is via Twitch.

Darkosto, looking forward to his virtual visit, recently took time to answer a few questions:

How long he’s been YouTubing?

Twitch stream began Aug. 8, 2014 and YouTube channel Sep. 3, 2014.

Number of hours a week spent doing this?

48-65 just streaming, with an average of 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Including off-stream, 60-75 hours.

What’s a healthy time limit for a child/tween to devote to gaming/YouTube?

The former teacher suggests 1/2 hour a day, but socializing can be a good way for an introvert (like him) to make friends in a safe environment.

What does he read?

Malcolm Gladwell and anything that focuses on sociology and psychology, as well as biographies about society’s “outliers.”

Games he plays for enjoyment:

Fallout 4, Factorio, Seven Days to Die, Skyrim, GTA, Space Engineers and The Binding of Isaac.

Register to save a spot on the limited Library laptops or bring your own.

Ages 8-19.

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Let’s meet Carrico librarian Mike Fair

Carrico/Fort Thomas Public Services Librarian Mike Fair isn’t good at relaxing. That’s great because he has a newborn daughter, a band and a lot of wonderful work to do for the Campbell County Public Library.

Mike is from St. Louis originally, but he’s called Northern Kentucky home since he was 6-years-old. He graduated from Ludlow High School in 1997, and went to work for the Kenton County Library. He earned his Bachelor’s in English from NKU in 2002 while continuing to work for KCPL. In 2012, he decided it was time to pursue his Master’s and found work with us as a Part Time Programmer. After securing his Master’s of Science in Library Science from University of Kentucky, he was hired as a Public Services Librarian in 2014.

His title, he says, is intentionally vague. The reach of his work goes beyond the doors of the Carrico Branch. In addition to programming events for Fort Thomas teens, Mike also works the Reference Desk, selects music and video games for the entire system and is the primary One-on-One Technology Training coordinator for the branch.

Picking his favorite part of the job would be like picking your favorite child, Mike says. As a teen programmer, Mike has enjoyed learning new skills such as origami, tie dye, chess and sewing.  As a music and games selector, Mike has enjoyed curating a collection of new music and in-demand classic artists. And in his work as a One-on-One Technology Training coordinator he’s seen the results of people’s desire to learn new things.

In his free time, Mike plays guitar in The Night Divided. He’s been playing with them for more than three years. They enjoy playing live about once a month.

Mike is a long-time vegetarian who practices yoga. Although his practice has been a bit disrupted by the birth of his daughter, Pamela Sue Fair on December 10, 2015. Mike and his wife, Michelle, live in Bellevue where Michelle is a preschool teacher at Grandview Elementary.

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November “Connections” Newsletter


Click the image to read this month’s “Connections”

This month in “Connections“:

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Library lover tweets her love in haikus

All this year, we’ve had the pleasure of receiving library haikus via our Twitter page from local mom and NKU grad, Amanda Ciani.

Amanda tweets about her parenting adventures in haikus, at

Here are some of the ones we’ve received. Thank you for sharing your library love, Amanda!



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You Matter – Our 2014-15 Report to the Community

Report to the Community, 2014-2015

By JC Morgan – Director

What you want matters to us. This past year we added programs and services, enhanced Wi-Fi and improved facilities. We earned the highest ranking of exemplary based on Kentucky Public Library Association standards. Looking at the numbers, we did our job: 600,000 visits and almost 1.2 million items circulated, our highest ever!

Serving You

We implemented auto-renewals to help you avoid late fees, and we lowered our fines to 10 cents a day for all items, including DVDs. We increased the number of copies of popular materials to better meet demand. Of the 223,830 items in the collection, nearly 40 percent have been published within the last five years, giving you more popular titles than ever. Circulation this year alone surpassed the circulation from 2006- 2013 combined. The most popular held title? “The Girl on the Train”.

Wi-Fi & Technology

Wi-Fi-2015Increasingly, people bring their mobile devices to the library. Over the past year there were 33,728 uses of our Wi-Fi, perhaps because wee increased the ability for anyone to grab a strong Wi-Fi signal from all over the library — or maybe it’s just the comfortable stuffed chairs or convenient plug-ins.

We introduced the CCPL app for mobile devices this past year. Nearly 4,000 people already have downloaded the app to have the Library at their fingertips any time, any place.

We provide free, individual lessons to help people use devices such as the Apple iPad, Kindle Fire HD and Nook tablet. The most popular topic: learning how to download e-books through CCPL’s Kentucky Libraries Unbound collection. We also provide instruction on topics ranging from Excel to social media, browsing the web or digital photo management. Our librarians
averaged 20-30 lessons a month. If you’re wanting to learn more, we’re ready to help.


We also offered more programs than ever before (2,436) and recorded 55,811 in attendance. Among those numbers are some remarkable achievements. The Early Childhood Family Literacy Fair in May saw attendance jump from 175 in 2014 to
nearly 900 this past year. El Dia, the international family event, had 452 attend, literally double from the year before. Attendance from Macy’s Arts Wave Sampler, which featured eight musical acts, increased from 104 to 384 this year.


Focus on the Community

This year the Library became more involved with other organizations. For years, our librarians have taken items to homebound patrons and provided story time programs for daycares and preschools. We frequently work with teachers and this year became a partner providing weekly activities for an after-school care program at Campbell County Middle School’s Club 21.

Jolly-Thursdays-2015-Report-to-CommOther highlights include the new Jolly Thursday events at A.J. Jolly Park, a partnership with Campbell County Parks and Recreation and Campbell County Extension Service. We had seven great entertaining and informative programs, helping stop the summer slide for 1,200-plus attendees. At the Festival on the Lake, the Library led the “kids zone” activities, working with more than 1,200 children and their families. At National Night Out at the Newport Pavilion we handed out more than 500 books and school supplies, and we participated in school readifests. We also worked with a local Girl Scout to build 40 Little Library boxes now housing books in five cities.

Overcoming Obstacles

All this success hasn’t been easy. By order of the Court of Appeals the Library has used the same tax rate since 2012 when a lawsuit challenged the procedures used for setting tax rates. The Kentucky Appeals Court unanimously supported our position in a March 2015 ruling, but the plaintiffs filed an appeal with the Kentucky Supreme Court. Our tax rate remains at 7.7 cents per $100 of real property until the lawsuit is resolved.

As you can see with the actual income and expenses chart below, we had to use some money from reserves for capital improvements such as roof repairs to Cold Spring and Newport, adding a much-needed meeting room in Newport, and safety features to the Fort Thomas parking lot.

Donations $31,000 $27,240 Capital $146,7000 $615,064
Fees & Services $109,000 $84,441 Collection $710,000 $648,020
Grants & State Aid $182,045 $207,390 Operating $1,097,845 $1,017,092
Misc. $1,000 $8,445 Personnel $2,847,500 $2,823,028
Interest Income $5,000 $4,689
Tax Income $4,474,000 $4,593,201
Total Income $4,802,045 $4,925,406 Total Expense $4,802,045 $5,103,204
Net Income -$177,798

* Library used reserves for capital expenses, specifically roof repairs at Cold Spring and Newport, safety enhancements to the Fort Thomas parking lot, and meeting room expansion at Newport.

You-Matter-2015-CamThank you for a great year! We are happy to be here for you and look forward to making your library experience even better.

Cathy Howard President
Steve Trumbo Vice President
Paul Johnson Treasurer
Christie Fillhardt
Carla Landon Trustee

Report to the Community {PDF}

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Branches add Ntouch Videophone for deaf

We now have a Ntouch Videophone at all of our main branches. Ntouch, by SVRS®, empowers the deaf community to communicate with both deaf and hearing family, friends and business contacts using Video Relay Service (VRS).

This service, paid for by the government’s Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) fund, empowers you to place and receive calls with a professional American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter via a videophone or other compatible device and a high-speed internet connection.

One specially marked computer at each branch has videophone software. Questions? Ask the information services assistant!

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Commute happy with Kentucky Libraries Unbound

Your Campbell County Public Library is connecting you to big ideas wherever you are, even in your car!

Consider bringing your love of reading and entertainment into your car. With Kentucky Libraries Unbound and the Overdrive app you can easily download free audiobooks to your smartphone.

You can use your commute to catch up on the book that everyone is talking about or even listen to that classic that you always meant to. We have thousands of titles available and each and every one of them is free. Be sure to sign into Kentucky Libraries Unbound before you start your search so you can see what’s available.

If you aren’t sure how to use the Kentucky Libraries Unbound system, start on this page. If you are a seasoned user, open up your Overdrive app and start browsing!

If you prefer CDs, stop by any of our three branches!

App suggestions for kids from CCPL

It can be difficult for parents to find quality apps for their children. We are here to help!

Please be mindful of the price of the app and whether the app offers in-app purchases which could be costly if not managed with parental controls.

Ages Title Description & Lesson Price
0+ 1000 Books Before Kindergarten


The 1000 Books Before Kindergarten app lets you keep track of your reading activity quickly and easily.

– Scan books into your library
– Keep track of reading activity for multiple readers
– Track your progress to 1000 books!

1+ Kid Weather



A true weather app for kids designed by a 6-year-old boy (and his meteorologist dad). Real-time weather conditions, forecasts, science and fun facts about the weather.. $1.99
1+ Fairlight



Farlight lets you create captivating animated art.

1+ Peekaboo Barn by Night & Day Studios



Simple app features clean design. Tap on the barn door reveals illustration of a farm animal making sound. Name of the animal appears in text and child or adult voice says name. Includes option to record voice. $1.99
1+ Go Away, Big Green Monster


Based on the popular children’s book, this interactive app builds upon the book experience by progressively revealing each piece of the monster, putting the power in the child’s hands. $2.99
1-7 My A-Z by Night & Day Studios

iOS only
Customizable Alphabet Flashcards help kids learn the alphabet and print recognition in a way that reflects their world. Use phone camera to take photos of things in their life as well. Free
1+ Bebot


Bebot is a great puppet app for talking to your child. You can make him talk, sing & laugh. Works great with Boy + Bot book. $1.99
2+ First Words Spanish


Animals build words in Spanish one letter at a time. It includes five categories: vehicles, colors, shapes & words from around the house. $4.99
0-5 Doodle Critter Math: Shapes


Interact and play with basic shapes. Various motivational activities will inspire your children! $2.99
0-5 Wee Sing ABC


Sing your way through the alphabet! This app combines music, animals & instruments from A to Z. $2.99
2-5 Toca Life: Town



Kids rule in Toca Life: Town, a play world where anything and everyone is welcome! Free
2-5 Bunny Fun: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes


Get ready to sing, dance, create and learn on the iPad! $1.99
2-5 Felt Board – Mother Goose on the Loose


This app offers fun, crisp graphics in each felt piece that can be placed, nursery rhymes to sing along with and musical instruments to play. This child-safe application offers children an engaging, multi-sensory approach to learning early literacy concepts. Free
2-5 Lingo Zoo


Your child will quickly pick up both written and spoken words with this animal jigsaw game. $0.99
2-5 Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame



Teaches kids to name their uncomfortable emotions and then prescribes a three-step process for dealing with those emotions. Free
2-5 Endless Numbers


Kids will have a blast learning number recognition, sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, and simple addition with the adorable Endless monsters. Free
2-5 Montessori – Things that go together


With the Montessori Things That Go Together app, you get six interactive workbooks and games to help your child develop their analytic and critical thinking skills. Free
3+ Team Umizoomi: Math Racer



Your child can customize and race their own car while enjoying fun pit stop math challenges so they can learn as they play! $4.99 – $6.99
3+ Little Writer


Teaches upper and lowercase letter tracing, along with shapes and words. Free
3+ YouTube Kids



The official YouTube Kids app is designed for curious little minds to dive into a world of discovery, learning and entertainment. Free
3+ ABC Mouse Books



This is an original story intended to help your child learn to recognize and read simple words in the -en word family Free
3+ Toca Hair Salon 2



Operate hair salon in this free play game. Includes four characters and tools to creatively cut, color, and style hair, even beards. $2.99
3+ Endless Reader


This app introduces sight words. Kids need to recognize these words by sight in order to achieve reading fluency. Kids will have a blast learning from the adorable Endless monsters. Free
4+ Blue Hat, Green HatiOS


Three earnest animals and one misguided turkey learn colors and clothes. $3.99
4+ Quiver- 3D coloring app



Color pictures and then animate them in the app. Requires special coloring sheets that you print out. Free
5-8 Marble Math JunioriOS Solve a variety of math problems by collecting numbers as you roll or drag your marble through a series of fun mazes. $2.99
7+ LEGO Movie MakeriOS Help your child bring their LEGO characters to life with the LEGO Movie Maker App. This fun, kid-friendly app brings the whole family together to create a custom LEGO stop-motion movie. Free
7+ MoMA Art LabiOS only Digital art activities inspired by works of art by Matisse, Calder, Murray, etc. Projects include sound compositions, shape poems, group drawing collaborations, chance collage and more. Free
8+ World of GooiOS
Physics-based puzzle game which features globs of goo that build and construct bridges and structures, among other objects, in a world of their own. $2.99-$4.99
12+ YALSA’s Teen Book Finder by American Library AssociationiOS only Reader Advisory app for teens, parents, librarians and library staff, educators. Includes access to past three years’ of YALSA’s awards and lists. Create reading lists & share picks on Facebook/Twitter. Free
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