Baby Sign Story Time

Are you interested in communicating with your baby as soon as possible? Baby Sign Language Story Time gives babies the opportunity to communicate long before they can verbalize their wants and needs.  Join us at our Cold Spring Branch for a new Baby Sign Story Time program series once a month.

Read more about Baby Sign Language Story Time programs and how they can benefit your baby below.


Baby Sign Story Time Programs & Resources


Baby Sign Story Time: Meal Time!
Saturday, February 25
11:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Cold Spring Branch

Baby Sign Story Time: Spring Signs
Saturday, March 25
11:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Cold Spring Branch

Baby Sign Language Books & Videos at the Library 



Baby sign language has three types of benefits:

  1. Practical: less fussing and more fun.
  2. Emotional: creates a closer parental bond.
  3. Cognitive: boosts brain development.


Practical Benefits

When babies can’t communicate effectively they get frustrated, leading to tantrums. Baby sign language allows babies to communicate their needs and wants.  They can tell you if they want their favorite toy, if it is too hot, if they are hungry or if their tummy hurts.  Families that sign report that both parents and baby experience less frustration.

If your baby knows sign language, you are able to communicate and address the root cause of the distress.  This allows both of you to spend more time enjoying each other’s company!


Emotional Benefits

Form a closer bond between you and your baby through communication.  Baby sign language allows you both to understand each other, and it increases the feeling of closeness.

Studies report the emotional benefits of signing include:

  • Parents and children that sign report feeling closer and more tuned in to each other.
  • Babies that sign have fewer moments of distress.
  • Parents report feeling better about themselves and more confident about parenting.


Cognitive Benefits

Early exposure to signing helps babies develop their language and reasoning skills.  Through signing, babies are able to communicate with words and simple phrases.

Studies show that teaching your baby sign language has many developmental benefits including:

  • Speaking earlier and having a larger vocabulary.
  • Earlier reading and larger reading vocabulary.
  • Achieving a +12 point IQ advantage.
  • Earning better grades in school.