Drop Your Drawers Surpasses Goal

You did it! We cannot thank you enough for your incredibly generous donations to help the children of Campbell County.

In November and December, you donated dozens of packages of new underwear for boys and girls to replenish Campbell County elementary schools’ supplies of emergency underpants and to assist each school’s Family Resource Centers.

We were blown away by your response.  Thanks to you, we surpassed our 6,000 pair goal!

All told, you donated 6,908 pair of underwear.

Several library patrons and organizations are super stars:
  • dropdrawerfinal3The Fort Thomas community donated $500 toward the purchase of new underwear.
  • Lindsey Cook donated 124 pair to the Carrico/Fort Thomas Branch.
  • Board member Christie Fillhardt’s employer, Novolex, donated $100 toward the Drop Your Drawers campaign.
  • Elizabeth Isaacs donated 71 pair to the Newport Branch
  • Cline Social Club donated 458 pair of underwear to the Cold Spring Branch.
  • Newport historic preservation officer Scott Clark donated 70 pair to the Newport Branch.  His wife works at Kohl’s, and she bought underwear on sale throughout the year to donate to this year’s Drop Your Drawers campaign!
  • The 2017 class of Leadership Northern Kentucky donated 521 pair of underwear to the cause.
  • The City of Bellevue collected and donated 238 pair.
  •  Mrs. Jean Ritze visited the Newport Branch on Dec. 29 asking if her donation of 120 pair was tax deductible. When she was told it was and informed that the branch was 215 away from its goal of 2,000 pair, she returned the next day with 237 more.

Each of the 14 Campbell County public elementary schools will be receiving a box in the coming weeks with more than 470 pair of underwear.  Compared to last year, each school will receive more than 100 additional pair.

And statewide, Drop Your Drawers was also an amazing success, as 26,706 pair were collected.

Congratulations and thank you for helping provide clean underwear to children in need.  We are looking forward to the campaign next year!

Community support

  • Campbell County Fiscal Court supporting Drop Your Drawers.


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